Looking for OpenSplice Data Distribution Service (DDS)? OpenSplice is now part of the Vortex Data Sharing Platform.

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Vortex 2.0 the Intelligent Data Sharing Platform for the Internet of Things

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The VORTEX Platform connects Industries around the Globe including:

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09 February 2016
PrismTech Contributes Data Distribution Service Expertise to Duke Energy Coalition of the Willing Interoperability Demo at Distributech 2016 Will demonstrate plug-and-play integration of innovative solutions from 25 vendors and showcase low-latency microgrid optimization use cases using variety of wired and wireless communications technologies...
16 February 2016
Why Attend: Learn about the reference architecture of Internet of Things (IoT) systems Understand how you can implement an IoT system with PrismTech's Vortex Learn how to build a real-world IoT application with Vortex and the Intel Edison Starter Kit Abstract: Whilst there is not universal agreement on what exactly the Internet of Things (IoT...