PrismTech has earned many accolades from Industry and Strategic Management Organizations. Some recent awards have included:

Postscapes - "Must Follow Company" in Annual Internet of Things Awards - more

Must Follow Company Internet of Things

Gartner - PrismTech named as a "Cool Vendor" - more

PrismTech Gartner Cool vendor Gartner's "Cool Vendor" Report Recognizes Companies Considered to be Innovative, Impactful and  Intriguing.

Sand Hill Group - PrismTech a "Needle Mover" in Building the Future of the Internet of Things - more

PrismTech Sand Hill Needle Mover List of top early-stage companies positioned to play critical roles in the future of IoT.

IoT Nexus - PrismTech a "Top Power Player" in the Internet of Things - more

IoT Nexus Top Power Player Internet of Things Recognition is based on an industry-wide survey to discover the most powerful and innovative companies in the IoT Industry.

Appinions - PrismTech SVP Steve Jennis in Top 10 List of the Most Influential Internet of Things Executives

Internet of Things Influencers