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Vortex OpenSplice has been Selected by the DexROV Project to Help Deliver Safer and More Cost-effective Dexterous Undersea Operations with Remotely Operated Vehicles

DexROV brings together seven different organisations from all over Europe to challenge what is possible in the realms of undersea operations. DexROV is using and evaluating new technologies to allow safer, more cost-effective dexterous undersea operations with Remotely Operated Vehicles (ROVs). DexRov will greatly reduce the costs, hazards, and number of offshore personnel involved in underwater operations in the fields of energy, communications infrastructure, science, archaeology and shipwreck recovery by enabling delocalized supervision for deep-sea inspection and maintenance work.  DexROV is part of the long-term EC Horizon 2020 Blue Growth strategy to support sustainable growth in the European marine and maritime sectors.

The goals of the project are to:
•    Move control of ROVs to shore, from a safe distance
•    Overcome the latency involved between onshore control centres and ROVs, through autonomous operations
•    Develop advanced dexterous tools with the capacity to grip and manipulate in ways similar to a human hand

The main challenges of the project include:
•    Undersea perception and modeling
•    Navigation and manipulation control
•    Deep water capable dexterous manipulators
•    Far distance teleoperation
•    Haptic user interfaces

The outcomes of the project will be demonstrated in a series of test campaigns culminating in a 1,300 meter deep representative trial in the Mediterranean Sea.

Vortex in DexROV

DexROV has selected Vortex OpenSplice Data Distribution Service (DDS) implementation for the project because of its rich set of Qualities of Service (QoS). Vortex OpenSplice is robust to disruptions allowing very low bandwidth network connectivity information sharing between the ROV, satellite and piloting centres.

Further information is available from the DexRov project website at: