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Think Trade Selects Vortex OpenSplice DDS as the Low-Latency Messaging Fabric for its Automated Trading Systems

Only Vortex OpenSplice DDS provides the ultra-low-latency, extreme throughput, stability and advanced data management required for next-generation Automated Trading Systems

The OpenSplice DDS™ product suite has been selected by Think Trade LLC as the foundation for ultra-low-latency and real-time Business Intelligence in their next generation Automated Trading System.

Think Trade, like many other financial firms, requires real-time Business Intelligence to provide analytic insights reflecting the state of their trading system. This capability is needed to dynamically adapt their trading strategy to optimally address the market. To help meet this need, Think Trade conducted an extensive study of the leading messaging technologies available on the market. As a result of this study, they chose Vortex OpenSplice DDS, which is a next-generation messaging solution that provides ubiquitous and ultra-low-latency access to data, as well as supporting sophisticated relational data modeling, data filtering, and event-processing, whilst ensuring high availability and stability under overload conditions.

"Think Trade has reviewed various commercial and open source messaging middleware technologies. OpenSplice DDS was selected as the solution with the greatest potential to meet our demanding performance, stability, and flexibility requirements; important factors in our decision were the quality of the Vortex OpenSplice DDS team and the product's many advanced features, such as support for relational data modeling, traffic shaping, and a rich set of QoS parameters. We believe the Vortex OpenSplice DDS product is well positioned for success in trading applications and that DDS will become an important and widely accepted technology in finance. We look forward to the benefits from unleashing scalable and near real-time ubiquitous access to the business intelligence currently trapped in proprietary point-to-point messaging protocols, and to the enhancements we expect to be built in response to our leading-edge use of the Vortex OpenSplice DDS product," said Andrew Athan, President, Think Trade.

Vortex OpenSplice DDS is the industry’s fastest growing and most advanced ultra-low-latency messaging middleware. It provides extreme performance data-centric publish/subscribe middleware that optimally satisfies the requirements of next-generation financial trading applications. In particular, Vortex OpenSplice DDS can (1) distribute millions of market data updates per second while retaining low latency and jitter and ensuring stability even under overload conditions, (2) support sophisticated relational and object-oriented data modeling, and (3) provide a rich set of qualities of service, such as traffic prioritization, traffic shaping, hardware and software filtering, content-based subscriptions, queries and filters, as well as providing a data persistence with minimal performance overhead.

Vortex OpenSplice DDS has many proven production deployments that demonstrate its exceptional attributes in supporting complex business and mission-critical systems in a range of application domains, such as financial services, defense, aerospace, transportation, and telecommunications.