PrismTech Core Values

Customer Success

PrismTech Customer Success In accordance with PrismTech's Customer Charter our company ethos and culture is based entirely on the belief that our customers come first – we build our business on the foundation of satisfied customers returning again and again.


PrismTech Innovation At the core of PrismTech is a passion for innovation – innovation based on international standards and customers’ feedback about their challenges. PrismTech's products are innovative and industry leading because we listen and then act. We enable our customers to be successful across an increasing set of use cases for our products.


PrismTech Excellence Commitment to excellence defines our approach to products, customers, partners and our team. We not only expect to be better; we expect to exceed expectations. We are not perfect, but we strive to improve in every aspect of our business. Excellence in product is a start, but excellence in how we assure the success of our customers, partners and our team sets us apart.


PrismTech Integrity Our interactions with customers, partners and employees are open and honest. We expect our products to perform as advertised – or better. We expect our partners to be able to build sound businesses around our products and solutions. And we expect our team to be treated, and treat each other, with respect. We are an open company, and expect to share our knowledge, our innovations and our experiences to make our customers successful. We have one golden rule – No politics, we work for each other and our customers.