Questions and Answers for ADLINK Acquisition of PrismTech

1) Why will ADLINK be acquiring PrismTech?

This acquisition provides ADLINK with the software and systems technologies, skills and experience to fully exploit the large and fast-emerging opportunity for Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) products and services.

2) Why was PrismTech looking for a partner/acquirer?

PrismTech is convinced that the Vortex product family can be a global leader in data-connectivity software for IIoT systems.  But to realize this potential a company of greater resources, scale and capabilities was required to propel Vortex to its full potential.  As such, PrismTech was seeking a partner/acquirer with the right combination of technologies, culture and resources; we believe ADLINK provides that combination.

3) Which synergies are there between the PrismTech and ADLINK businesses?

Both companies have a heritage, strong track record and culture of serving markets that require high-performance, robust and embedded products.  As such, there is a strong synergy related to the industrial markets we serve and our sales channels to address them.  Secondly, our product and technology synergies are apparent in PrismTech's software leadership and ADLINK’s hardware expertise and competitiveness.  Thirdly, in addressing the IIoT opportunity the combination of both companies’s strengths offers a tremendous synergy in combining software and hardware into system-level solutions embracing the edge, mobile, network and data centre.

4) Will PrismTech remain hardware agnostic?

Yes.  Any new combination products with ADLINK hardware will be additive to our product lines and not in any way change our fundamental policy of Vortex being hardware and vendor agnostic. We will continue to work in the same way with all hardware, RTOS and other technology vendors that offer complementary products to Vortex.

5) Is this acquisition a signal that the Data Distribution Service (DDS) standard is gaining significant traction in IIoT markets?

Yes.  Obviously DDS's progress in acceptance over the past few years in many new vertical markets has been instrumental in making Vortex a very attractive technology for Industrial IoT applications in general.  DDS's inclusion in the Industrial Internet Consortium's Reference Architecture has only accelerated this trend.  Vortex today is in-use by customers in over 10 vertical markets and is increasingly being specified as a preferred technology for IIoT systems. This has undoubtedly been a positive factor in this transaction.

6) How will ADLINK ownership affect PrismTech's competitive position?

Our opinion is that it can only strengthen PrismTech's competitive position. With regard to financial strength, investment potential, technology synergy, global scale and sales and channel reach PrismTech can only benefit from this transaction competitively.

7) What impact do you expect a global parent company to have on your business?

With the global nature of IT today and the multi-vertical growth of PrismTech’s business, we see it being a very positive impact. As an example, ADLINK's acquisition of AMPRO in 2008 only led to years of dramatic growth in AMPRO's U.S. business, including its revenues with government customers.

8) Is Spectra included in the acquisition?

Yes, the Spectra product line is included in the sale.