The Contracts tab shows a summary of all the contracts with which you are associated as a Technical Contact. If you cannot see a contract that you expect to be visible, it is possible that we do not have you registered as the technical contact for that contract. Please contact providing details so that we may review our records.

The following summary information is displayed for each of these contracts:

  • Contract Number: This is our internal reference for the contract. This field is a hyper link to the contract itself.
  • Contract Reference Number: This is the number referenced onour Order Acknowledgement
  • PO Number: This is the customer’s purchase order number, provided when placing the order which initiated the contract.
  • Contract Type: This field describes the nature of the contract. Typical values are:
    • Standard: a standard 8x5 support contract
    • Silver : a 12x5 enhanced support contract
    • Platinum: a support contract with customer specific terms and conditions
    • Product Only:  a contract for supply of product only, with no support provided
    • Academic: a support contract for members of PrismTech’s Academic Programme
    • Evaluation: a short term support contract for customers who have a PrismTech product under evaluation
    • PSO: a contract for the supply of professional services by PrismTech
  • Start Date: the date on which the contract commenced
  • End Date: the date on which the contract ended or will end.
  • Product Family: the main product family associated with the contract. Values include Vortex and Spectra.
  • Project Name: A descriptive name to assist in identifying the contract.

Click on the Contract Number (which is underlined) if you wish to display more information about a specific contract. The Assets and Cases tab is displayed when you do this.