Accessing the DDS Community Edition Source Repository

The current development trunk is available for anonymous access via the git protocol. Git is available in most modern Linux distributions, as a package within Cygwin, and in numerous other forms. For more information please see the Git homepage.

This access is read-only but allows you to get access to the absolute latest source at the leading edge of DDS development. As such, you should be aware that this source may not be completely stable. It may not even compile from time to time. For this reason it is not recommended for any use other than early access testing and for use to develop fixes and feature patches.

Checking out a copy of the DDS Community Edition Repository with git

A git client is required. The repository is available at the URL git:// To check out do, for example:

git clone git://

Please see the instructions for building DDS Community Edition and also the instructions for submitting a change or patch.