5 Keys to Successful Industrial IoT Initiatives Webinar

16th November 2017
Location: Online

VMware ADLINK Webinar Industrial Internet of ThingsThe Internet of Things (IoT) is transforming all sectors of the economy, with some of the greatest impact in industries such as power and energy, oil and gas, manufacturing, and transportation. IoT is especially well suited to some of the unique challenges in industrial settings such as remotely distributed operational equipment, like oil wells or wind turbines, and the harsh or risky conditions found in oil refineries and on manufacturing floors.

When committing to IoT, some of the first challenges which must be addressed are how to collect and analyze data from a unique and diverse set of IoT devices, and how secure and manage those devices at scale. This requires the expertise, tools and best practices of both informational technology (IT) and operational technology (OT) departments.

In this webinar, VMware Inc., a global leader in enterprise IT, and ADLINK, a global leader in embedded IoT solutions, will discuss keys to success in industrial IoT initiatives. VMware brings strengths in enterprise security, cloud, and endpoint technologies to the partnership, whereas ADLINK brings extensive experience with heavy industry, transport and distribution, and mil/aero operations.

Join the discussion to learn more about:

  • Why a healthy IT-OT marriage is necessary for IoT success
  • Best practices for getting the highest value from operational data and big data analytics in IoT
  • A framework for a successful IoT architecture designed with security, management and scale
  • Essential industrial IoT uses cases such as asset tracking/monitoring and predictive maintenance

Webinar presenters:

Mimi Spier is Vice President and head of the Internet of Things Business at VMware. She leads a team responsible for defining VMware's IoT strategy/business, launching IoT solutions to market, and defining the marketing, demand gen and all aspects of GTM for IoT at VMware, including developing the strategic partners necessary to deliver the most complete solution to the market.

Rob Risany is the Executive Vice President of ADLINK's IoT Solutions & Technology Division which includes the company's communications software, smart factory hardware, and integrated solutions businesses.  Most recently, Rob ran innovation for IBM Watson IoT.

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