Object Management Group - What is the Best Connectivity Solution for Your IIoT System Webinar

22nd February 2017
Location: Online

Best Connectivity Solution for Your IIoT System DDS

PrismTech / ADLINK CTO and Co-Chair of the Data Distribution Service (DDS) SIG, Angelo Corsaro, will be presenting on the Object Management Group (OMG) Webinar.

Today's computing infrastructure is changing dramatically to support new requirements in design and structure. This is no more evident than in the Internet of Things (IoT), where new types of machines driven by vast, complex industrial, distributed systems, can't operate without connectivity. These new machines will transform our infrastructure into smart freeways, distributed power generation and autonomous driving cars, etc., revolutionizing the workplace and our lives for years to come.

These new IoT systems need data-centric technology that directly addresses real-time systems to explicitly manage the communications "data model." No matter what application – from financial trading platforms, to medical devices, to smart electrical grids, to exploration and production and to transportation – industries need solutions to find right data then communicates it to its intended destination in a reliable, flexible, fast, and secure manner.

To learn more about the proven standard for data-connectivity in mission- and business-critical systems join OMG's webinar featuring experts from the leading DDS middleware vendors including PrismTech.

Registration for the event is available at: https://www.brighttalk.com/webcast/12231/242097