Software Defined Radio Training Course, Singapore

22nd August 2011 to 24th August 2011
Location: Singapore

K2B International presents a 3-day course on Software Defined Radio, with the following course objectives in mind:Software Defined Radio Singapore Asia

  • Attaining a comprehensive overview on Software Communications Architecture (SCA)
  • Assessing the possibility of working with non-SCA compliance Software Defined Radio (SDR)
  • Understanding the differences between SDR for COTS from those for the military
  • Obtaining insights to implementation challenges in military applications
  • Addressing key security concerns that are critical in ensuring the trustworthiness of your SDR device
  • Learning SDR waveform development and porting
  • Acquiring information to the challenges in using SDR in the current operational environment
  • Learning techniques in ensuring software assurance of your SDR equipment
  • Gaining insights to the application of SDR in terms of cognitive radio and its complexities
  • Obtaining first-hand insights to potential standards evolution
  • Appreciating the limitations of SDR design
  • Acquiring valuable insights to future development of SDR

Who should Attend

This course will be useful for Directors, Heads of Department, Staff Officers, Managers and Engineers responsible for:

  • Software Defined Radio
  • Communications
  • Advanced Communications
  • Signal
  • Information Network
  • Information Communication
  • Communication Systems Architecture
  • Plans/Policy
  • R&D
  • Air/Naval/Sea Operations

The course will be Presented by Dr. Vincent J Kovarik Jr, CTO (SDR), PrismTech.

Vince is a highly respected figure within the global SDR community and has been involved in ground-breaking SDR and SCA technology development for well over a decade. He is co-author of the book Software Defined Radio: The Software Communications Architecture which provides applications programmers, designers, professional researchers, wireless manufacturers and operators with an indispensable guide to the SCA. He is also a contributing author on ‘Cognitive Research: Representation and Learning’ in the book Cognitive Radio Technology. He has also presented numerous papers at technology leadership conferences on SDR related subjects.

The course is Co-Sponsored by Wireless Innovation Forum

Further information about the event is available at or Click here to download Course Details and a registration form (registration required).