Wireless Innovation Forum Conference SDR-WInnComm 2017

13th November 2017 to 17th November 2017
Location: San Diego, CA, USA

Wireless Innvation Forum WInnCOMM 2017

As a leading provider of Software Defined Radio (SDR) and Software Communications Architecture (SCA) solutions with our Spectra product suite, we will be attending and presenting at this years WInnComm 2017.

Defining the future of Radio Communications - Connecting technical, business and regulatory leaders

The Wireless Innovation Forum Conference on Communications Technologies and Software Defined Radio (SDR-WInnComm) is the only event devoted to the advancement of reconfigurable radio technologies from research through deployment. The conference attracts delegates including investors, commercial network operators, radio manufacturers, system integrators, government procurement officials, regulators, engineering service providers and consultants from over 22 different countries.

Why Attend:

  • If you are a researcher or developer working on software defined radio and cognitive radio technologies, seeking industry recognition for your current work and feedback/funding on next steps, SDR-WInnComm provides access to Radio Manufacturers, System Integrators, Procurement Authorities and End User Representatives in commercial, civil and defense markets seeking SDR and CR technology solutions to emerging wireless communications requirements;
  • If you are a radio manufacturers, system integrator, procurement authority or end user, seeking SDR and CR technology solutions to emerging wireless communications requirements , SDR-WInnComm provides access to information on the latest in SDR and CR technologies from leading researchers and developers;
  • If you are in sales and marketing seeking new contacts and exposure for your company and/or product, SDR-WInnComm provides the premier venue to interact with your targeted customer base, see what your competition is doing and stay abreast of all the newest software defined radio (SDR), cognitive radio (CR) and dynamic spectrum access (DSA) technologies.

Who Attended:

  • Researchers and Technology Developers (~48% of Last Year Attendees)
  • Equipment Manufacturers, Network Providers and Other Acquisition Authorities (~52% of Last Year Attendees)
  • Investors, Regulators and Analysts

What you Get from Attending:

  • Networking opportunities with leaders in the advanced wireless community who can help you in advancing your organizations objectives
  • Access to over 100 papers, presentations and tutorials providing updates on the latest advances in software defined radio (SDR), cognitive radio (CR) and dynamic spectrum access (DSA) technologies
  • Insight into new products and services being offered at all levels of the wireless value chain to address your specific requirements
  • Updates on market requirements and changes in regulation that could impact your organization in the next 12 months and beyond.T make your tutorial submission, click below:

We are a long-standing and active member of the Wireless Innovation Forum and our Spectra product suite for radio system developers and integrators provides Commercial-off-the-Shelf (COTS) development tools, software infrastructure, development and test platforms.

We will be presenting at the conference on:

MDD software tools for SCA4 developers

Software productivity tools for SCA developers are vital to: lower time-to-value, reduce complexity/bugs, minimize maintenance/porting costs and ease SCA compliance. PrismTech has been a leader in these tools for over a decade and its Spectra CX tooling has provided significant technical and commercial benefits for scores developers of SCA2 radio platforms and/or applications (e.g. waveforms). The emergence and gradual adoption of SCA4 requires even more sophisticated tooling to support development in compliance with the new (more flexible) standard. This paper/presentation will cover the following topics with regard to software tools for SCA development:

  • The proven benefits of model-driven development to design complex SDR platforms and waveforms
  • An overview of the generated XML and also the optional C++ code that can be produced with SCA4 development tools
  • The SCA4 features which are now supported in Spectra CX4
  • The key differences between developer tooling for SCA2 and SCA4 environments
  • The technical challenges encountered and overcome in evolving/adapting development tools for SCA2 to SCA4 compliance

Further information about SDR-WInnComm including registration details is available from: http://www.conference.wirelessinnovation.org/