ADLINK Edge IoT Vortex DDS v2.6 Delivers Advanced Edge Computing Security for Distributed Real-time Industrial IoT Systems

25 September 2018

Latest product update implements OMG's DDS Security open standard 

Newcastle upon Tyne, UK and San Jose, CA, USA – 19 September, 2018 – ADLINK IoT Solutions and Technology, a division of ADLINK Technology, providing leading Edge Computing solutions that drive data-to-decision applications across industries, today announced the release of their new Vortex™ DDS v2.6.  This new version of the leading (commercial and open source) implementation of the Object Management Group®'s (OMG®) Data-Distribution Service™ (DDS™) standard delivers an advanced Edge Computing Security solution for distributed real-time Internet of Things (IoT) systems. 

ADLINK’s new v2.6 release of the Vortex DDS middleware provides an implementation of the OMG DDS Security standard, featuring well known DDS state-of-the art technologies for secure IoT data communications which, integrated with ADLINK’s leading Edge Computing expertise and local support, deliver a true edge-to-enterprise security solution.

As global connections increase dramatically, exposure to hostile attacks and intrusion becomes more and more of a challenge, especially in IoT-related domains such as complex manufacturing machinery, energy production, transport control/management systems and medical device applications. Recent IT/OT convergence trends extend potential damage from unwanted incursion well beyond data and economic loss into physical and human risk.

The OMG DDS Security standard, by raising abstraction levels and providing an information-centric security model, supports previously unavailable or inapplicable tools such as pluggable authentication, crypto, access control, tagging+labeling and logging, supporting efficient group communication while retaining critical properties such as non-repudiation. Further benefits include assurance that compliant implementations can securely interoperate, as can non-secure implementations over non-secured topics.

“Our approach to IoT security requires the most advanced, robust, and highest performing solutions available,” said Niels Kortstee, Vortex DDS Product Manager, ADLINK Technology.  “We are pleased that our DDS experts have succeeded in fully meeting the real-world security demands of these IIoT applications.”

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