1. 18 June 2013
    PrismTech Announces the Release of Open Source OpenSplice Community Edition v6.3 Latest version of...

    Community Data Distribution Service DDS Edition OpenSplice Community

  2. 5 June 2013
    PrismTech Announces General Availability of First COTS SCA 4.0 Compliant Middleware Solution for...

    SCA 4.0 Software Communications Architecture Software Defined Radio Spectra ORB

  3. 12 April 2013
    SUDE Selects PrismTech’s OpenSplice DDS for Smart City Services in the City of Nice OpenSplice DDS...

    City Operating System Nice OpenSplice DDS Smart Cities Smart City Smart Parking SUDE Think Global

  4. 11 March 2013
    PrismTech Launches SCA Compliant Spectra Core Framework for the Windows Operating System Allows...

    Core Framework Operating System SCA Software Defined Radio Spectra Windows

  5. 5 March 2013
    PrismTech Launches the Spectra Virtual Appliance a complete pre-configured SCA 2.2.2 Development...

    SCA SDR Spectra Virtual Appliance

  6. 14 February 2013
    PrismTech Announces v3.5 GA release of its Spectra CX Software Communications Architecture Tool...

    CX Software Communications Architecture Spectra Tool

  7. 8 January 2013
    PrismTech Announces the Addition of SCA 4.0 Middleware to its Spectra DTP4700 SDR Development and...

    SCA 4.0 SDR Spectra DTP4700

  8. 8 January 2013
    PrismTech Adds its ‘Product Line Management’ Option to the Spectra Quick-Start SDR Development and...

    Product Line Management Quickstart Software Defined Radio Spectra

  9. 7 January 2013
    PrismTech Appoints SYM Software as New Turkish Distributor Will distribute PrismTech’s market...

    Distributor OpenSplice DDS SYM Software Turkey

  10. 28 November 2012
    PrismTech Launches Spectra CX Product Line Management Reduces the Time and Costs of Managing...

    CX Product Line Management Software Communications Architecture Software Defined Radio Spectra

  11. 2 November 2012
    PrismTech Adds SCA Modeling and Code Generation for DSPs to its Spectra DTP4700 Software Defined...

    Code Generation Development DSP Modeling platform SCA Software Defined Radio Spectra DTP4700 Test

  12. Space Coast Communication Systems
    1 November 2012
    PrismTech and Space Coast Communication Systems Partner to Offer a Multi-Channel Platform for...

    Development multichannel platform SCA Space Coast Communication Systems Spectra Test waveforms

  13. Spectra DTP4700 SDR Probe Toolbox
    31 October 2012
    PrismTech Announces Spectra DTP4700 Probes Toolbox   As a Spectra DTP4700 option, the...

    Debug Development DTP4700 Probe SDR Spectra Toolbox Waveform

  14. SCA 4.0 Software Communications Architecture
    24 October 2012
    PrismTech Announces First COTS Product Support for SCA 4.0 Software Defined Radio Specification...

    SCA 4.0 Software Communications Architecture Software Defined Radio Spectra

  15. Spectra DTP4700L Software Defined Radio SCA
    27 June 2012
    PrismTech Launches Spectra DTP4700L the 30-1600MHz Version of the Award-Winning Software Defined...

    Software Communications Architecture Software Defined Radio Spectra Spectra DTP4700L