1. OpenSplice DDS Data Distribution Service v6
    2 November 2011
    PrismTech Announces Global Launch of OpenSplice DDS v6 for November 3 2011   ...

    Data Distribution Service DDS OpenSplice

  2. OpenSplice DDS Performance graphic
    20 June 2011
    PrismTech announces a ‘no run-time license fee’ business model for OpenSplice DDS LGPL license...

    DDS LGPL license No run-time OpenSplice

  3. Software Communications Architecture SCA Software Defined Radio Modeling Tool
    14 June 2011
    PrismTech Releases Spectra CX v3.3 Offering New and Unrivalled Levels of Productivity for SDR...

    Modeling SCA SDR Software Communications Architecture Software Defined Radio Spectra CX Tool

  4. ICO Patent Grant
    17 February 2011
    Breakthrough technology enables CORBA compliant components to be deployed on a Field Programmable...

    CORBA FPGA IP Core middleware Patent

  5. Zeligsoft
    14 October 2010
    Zeligsoft will become PrismTech's Center of Expertise for Model-Based Engineering and Development...

    Acquisition News Leader Platforms SCA SDR Software Communications Architecture Software Defined Radio Spectra Zeligsoft

  6. 20 September 2010
    OpenSplice DDS is ideal for Manned and Unmanned Vehicles. Nexter Selects PrismTech's...

    Architecture Data Distribution Service Military Nexter OpenSplice DDS Vehicle

  7. 7 July 2010
    Boston, MA, USA and Edinburgh, UK — July 07, 2010 — PrismTech™, a global leader in standards-based...

    Data Distribution Service DDS Defense Maritime OpenSplice Surveillance Systems Yaltes

  8. 2 July 2010
    Combination of embedded Linux and ultra-low-latency messaging middleware delivers a commercially-...

    ElinOS OpenSplice DDS Software SYSGO

  9. 20 May 2010
    Complete Round-Trip SCA Engineering - Requirements, Model, Validate, Generate, Develop, Execute,...

    CX SCA SDR Software Communications Architecture Software Defined Radio Spectra Spectra CX Tool Tools

  10. 24 March 2010
    Industry Leaders Collaborate to Grow Highly Integrated and Validated Software Ecosystem Amsteram,...

    Aerospace Defense Partner Validation Program Wind River News

  11. 9 March 2010
    ATC Global 2010, Amsterdam, The Netherlands — March 09, 2010 — PrismTech™, a world leader in high-...

    Air Traffic Control Air Traffic Management ATC ATM Coflight Data Distribution Service Flight Data Processor OpenSplice DDS Thales

  12. 13 February 2010
    Boston, MA, USA - February 13, 2010 - PrismTech's OpenSplice CTO, Angelo Corsaro, is authoring a...

    Angelo Corsaro CTO Data Distribution Service Dr Dobbs OpenSplice DDS

  13. 2 December 2009
    New platform will shorten time to market Boston, MA, USA — December 2, 2009 — PrismTech™, an...

    COTS Development & Deployment Platform GE Fanuc Intelligent Platforms SCA compliant SDR Software Communications Architecture

  14. 1 December 2009
    Connectivity for Best-in-class SDR Design Flow Enabled by Collaboration with PrismTech, Zeligsoft...

    Agilent Technologies Design Tools SCA compliant SDR Forum Spectra Spectra CX SystemVue

  15. 24 November 2009
    Customer Downloads Leap by >100x, Significant New Project Wins, High Revenue Growth, and...

    Data Distribution Service middleware open source OpenSplice DDS Outstanding Success