PrismTech and Zeligsoft partner to deliver Spectra CX

20 July 2009

A third-generation modeling tool for Software-Defined Radio (SDR/SCA) developers

Zeligsoft LogoBoston, MA, USA and Gatineau, QC, Canada - July 20th, 2009 - PrismTech™, an acknowledged leader in Software Defined Radio (SDR) infrastructure solutions, and Zeligsoft™, a leading vendor of software development tools to the embedded computing industry, today announced a comprehensive partnering agreement to jointly develop, and for PrismTech to market, a new advanced, model-driven development tool for radio developers - Spectra™ CX.

Having played an integral role in the development of the Software Defined Radio industry, PrismTech and Zeligsoft have built impressive customer bases for their, respectively, Spectra, and Zeligsoft CE and Zeligsoft CX products.

The new partnership optimizes the SDR domain expertise of PrismTech with the model-based software engineering (MBSE) credentials of Zeligsoft and likewise Spectra CX will combine the best aspects of Spectra and CE/CX to deliver a uniquely productive, flexible, SDR domain-optimized tool. Spectra CX is targeted to be released to market in early August 2009 and will be available for download and evaluation at that time.

Existing Spectra and CE/CX customers will benefit from a suite of migration tools and services that will be released in conjunction with Spectra CX to facilitate their phased upgrade to Spectra CX.

Spectra CX is a fully-featured, Software Radio development tool offering advanced functionality for waveform and platform visual modeling, component templates, XML generation and compliance validation, customizable source code generation, reverse engineering waveforms, configuration management, target monitoring and management, unit test generation, flexible target build environments, and deployment planning and packaging. Spectra CX is built on IBM's (UML 2.0-based) Rational Software Modeler and the Eclipse tools framework. Thus Spectra CX is fully industry-standards compliant and leverages the very latest in software tools technology.

"I think this is the best possible news for the SDR market," commented Keith Steele, CEO, PrismTech. "The increasingly complex business requirements demanded by our customers mean we have to aggressively invest to meet these needs and partnership is a natural strategy. I strongly believe combining our complementary technologies and skill sets will provide our customers with optimal SDR tooling solutions."

Francis Bordeleau, CEO, Zeligsoft, added, "This next generation of UML-based tooling coupled with SCA domain customization delivers unprecedented features, performance and customizability that could only come from the synergy between industry leaders. With an array of exciting SDR/SCA projects on the horizon, we look forward to working with PrismTech to help our customers succeed."

"Both PrismTech and Zeligsoft have been valuable and active members of the SDR Forum for many years and have made numerous contributions in support of the SDR community," said Lee Pucker, Chief Executive Officer, SDR Forum. "The SDR Forum is obviously a strong supporter of any member partnership that can deliver advanced SDR technology for the benefit of our members and the community as a whole. As such we look forward to the seeing the new technology that will emerge from this alliance."

Also as part of this partnership PrismTech will become Zeligsoft's exclusive marketing and sales partner for the SDR/SCA marketplace.

About PrismTech
PrismTech is an acknowledged leader in advanced software integration and infrastructure solutions. The company develops, markets, and supports a wide range of high-performance, standards-compliant, and cost-effective middleware products which are further differentiated by unique technical capabilities and advanced productivity tools. PrismTech's products "Power Netcentricity" by enabling the event-driven communications, end-to-end qualities-of-service, and software optimization required to best exploit available resources, to better synchronize events, and to support system agility. PrismTech's product's differentiators are most highly valued in markets that require business-critical and mission-critical systems. These systems are pervasive in a number of vertical markets, such as Telecom, Mil/Aero, Finance, Utilities, Transportation, and Civil Administration. PrismTech's customers constitute an impressive list of major systems integrators, OEMs, and ISVs, including many Fortune Global 500 companies.

About Zeligsoft
Zeligsoft is focused on helping its customers adopt a model-based software engineering approach to the development of their embedded software systems. Built using open platforms, industry-standard frameworks, and domain-specific languages, Zeligsoft’s software development environment offers teams unsurpassed productivity, software quality and opportunity for large-scale collaboration. Complementing Zeligsoft’s proven tools are its widely recognized training and professional services. Zeligsoft's products and services are delivered to customers around the world from its headquarters in Gatineau, Quebec, Canada.

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