PrismTech Announces Spectra DTP4700 Probes Toolbox

31 October 2012

PrismTech Announces Spectra DTP4700 Probes Toolbox  

As a Spectra DTP4700 option, the Probes Toolbox contains probes that provide a multi-processor debugging capability to facilitate the development, porting and integration of Software Defined Radio waveforms

73rd Wireless Innovation Forum Working Meeting, Melbourne, FL, USA – October 31, 2012 – PrismTech™, a global leader in standards-based, performance-critical middleware, today announced the availability of the Probes Toolbox for its Spectra™ DTP4700 Software Defined Radio (SDR) development and test platform.

The Probes Toolbox provides real-time debugging tools with the ability to prove and excite waveform elements, thus allowing piecemeal integration of waveform components one-by-one and the independent validation of component temporal, processor, and memory behaviors.  Probe data is visualized either with an internal visualizer or through MATLAB/Simulink, thus eliminating the need for additional third-party tooling licenses for data visualization.

The Data Probe allows for monitoring or injection of real-time system flow data.  The Resource Probe provides graphical or textual representation of memory and CPU utilization, CPU resources, and allows memory PEEKs and POKEs.  The Latency Probe provides a graphical display of latency for user-defined probe points based on a uniform system time reference.  The Traffic Probe captures and displays network traffic.  A Software Communications Architecture (SCA) Adapter Probe provides latency, traffic and data probes in an SCA-compliant environment.

“By using the Probe Toolbox when developing waveforms, real-time data may be analyzed with ease, thereby ensuring code correctness and performance optimization.  This directly leads to enhanced engineering productivity and thus lower overall project cost and schedule risk,” explained Andrew Foster, Spectra Product Manager, PrismTech.

Pricing for the PrismTech SDR Probe Toolbox is available upon request.

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