PrismTech Claims DDS Middleware User Leadership after Outstanding Success of its Open Source Release of OpenSplice DDS

24 November 2009

Customer Downloads Leap by >100x, Significant New Project Wins, High Revenue Growth, and Additional US Government Endorsements of Open Source Software

Boston, MA, USA – November 24, 2009 — PrismTech™, a world leader in high-performance software integration and infrastructure solutions, is celebrating the six-month anniversary of its Open Source strategy for OpenSplice™ DDS (its implementation of the OMG™’s Data Distribution Service for Real-Time Systems) by recognizing the outstanding success of the program to date and highlighting the increasing and very public support for Open Source by today’s single largest user of DDS-compliant middleware, the US Government.

Since the first availability of OpenSplice DDS as Open Source in April 2009 PrismTech has experienced exceptional growth in its OpenSplice DDS business. OpenSplice DDS is now the most widely-used DDS implementation following thousands of downloads per month. This explosion of interest in OpenSplice DDS has also been apparent in high levels of attendance at PrismTech’s live webcasts and viewer numbers for its YouTube OpenSplice DDS videos.

This market interest is fueling OpenSplice DDS revenue growth as many OpenSplice DDS users elect to purchase PrismTech’s optional support packages, license options, and value-adding tools and plug-ins. Consequently, PrismTech has closed a number of large and strategically significant design-wins for OpenSplice DDS. Wins have been secured on five different continents, with multiple Fortune 500 companies, and include numerous six-figure deals.

There has also been a strong start for the OpenSplice DDS 3rd party developer community, with an “Apache Camel” integration and a C# binding already added to the OSOS code base by community partners. These 3rd party developments complement PrismTech’s own contributions to on-going development, and speed the process of product innovation and quality assurance beyond that possible by a single vendor operating with a ‘closed source’ licensing model.

In OpenSplice DDS’s core market Mil/Aero/Gov – with around 50% of OpenSplice DDS downloads by this sector – there has also been strong and very public support for Open Source software from the US Department of Defense (DoD). To quote from a memorandum dated 10/16/09 from the DoD CIO to all levels of the defense hierarchy, "To effectively achieve its missions, the Department of Defense must develop and update its software-based capabilities faster than ever, to anticipate new threats and respond to continuously changing requirements. The use of Open Source Software (OSS) can provide advantages in this regard.” The memorandum later continues, “I have asked the Director, Enterprise Services & Integration, to work with your staffs and identify…..barriers to the effective use of open source software within the Department, so we can continue to increase the benefits from the use of OSS."

This endorsement of OSS is, of course, no surprise to PrismTech, but is clearly not great news for DDS vendors using a traditional (closed source) licensing model. These vendors often cite security concerns regarding OSS, but another recent DoD statement…

…undermines even that defensive position, “The department's position on open source, according to the original draft of the memo, is software that goes through a process of peer review tends to be more reliable and secure than software that has not had a similar level of review, according to Daniel Risacher, associate director of enterprise services and integration in Defense's Office of the Chief Information Officer. We were trying to get the message across that open source software is often more secure……, he said during a panel discussion at the Government Open Source Conference in Washington."

"PrismTech is extremely pleased with the success it has seen in the first six months of its Open Sourcing strategy for OpenSplice DDS, and we are seeing strong evidence that OpenSplice DDS and its Open Source model will have even greater success in the future - both within and beyond its core Mil/Aero/Gov core market," said Angelo Corsaro, OpenSplice DDS CTO, PrismTech. "PrismTech will continue to drive the Open Source community for OpenSplice DDS along with steadily adding value through best-in-class professional services and support packages."

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