ProRail Deploys PrismTech's Vortex OpenSplice for Dutch Railway Network

29 October 2014

ProRail Deploys PrismTech’s Vortex OpenSplice for Dutch Railway Network

Vortex OpenSplice provides the performance, latency and Quality of Service capabilities required for distributed mission-critical systems

Boston, MA, USA – October 29, 2014 – PrismTech™, a global leader in software platforms for distributed systems, today announced that its Vortex™ OpenSplice™ product suite had been selected by ProRail, the organization responsible for operating and maintaining the Dutch railway network.  Vortex OpenSplice provides the performance, latency and Quality of Service capabilities required for distributed, mission-critical systems, such as those used in transportation, smart grid, industrial automation and smart city environments.

Vortex OpenSplice provides ProRail with a reliable, real-time and fault-tolerant data-sharing platform to manage critical information within the railway system.  With more than six thousand trains and 1.2 million passengers travelling on it on a daily basis, the Netherlands railway system is one of the busiest in Europe.

"Vortex OpenSplice provides the real-time functionality and mission-critical performance we needed," said Henk Bothof, CIO at ProRail.  "It also delivers that important capability to maintain non-volatile information for late-joiners in a fault-tolerant way."

ProRail's traffic control and security systems are linked by the new ASTRIS system, which manages the overall mission-critical rail infrastructure. Based on the latest technology advancements, it offers services to control and monitor the infrastructure in a uniform way.  Vortex OpenSplice is deployed within the ASTRIS environment, providing seamless data sharing across sensors, components, applications and systems.

"We are pleased to provide ProRail with a data-sharing platform solution that it could trust and rely on for the mission-critical environment it must maintain," said Steve Jennis, SVP Corporate Development, PrismTech.  "Vortex OpenSplice is an outstanding, standards-based solution that addresses the most challenging system requirements within next generation distributed systems."

PrismTech’s Vortex OpenSplice is the leading commercial and Open Source implementation of the Object Management Group™'s (OMG™) Data Distribution Service (DDS) for Real-Time Systems standard.  Vortex OpenSplice has been designed to optimally address the real-time information distribution and management challenges posed by high performance real-time industrial and manufacturing systems.  Vortex OpenSplice sets new levels of performance, robustness, scalability, fault-tolerance and portability (platform support).  Vortex OpenSplice is a key component of PrismTech’s Vortex™ family of Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) enabling technologies.

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