Spectra CDB

Product Summary: 
Fully Integrated and Optimized SDR SCA Middleware Stack.

Software Defined Radio SCA Middleware GPP, DSP, FPGA

Spectra Common Data Bus (CDB) is a fully integrated and optimized Software Defined Radio (SDR) Software Communications Architecture (SCA) v2.2.2 and v4.0 compliant Middleware stack. Spectra CDB runs across a wide range of General Purpose Processor (GPP), Digital Signal Processor (DSP) and Field Programmable Gate Array (FPGA) processing elements.

Spectra CDB embedded software solutions are specifically optimized for high performance with minimal footprint on any processor choice and offer the following radio software infrastructure components:

SCA Everywhere

Spectra CF and Spectra CDB embedded middleware provide the only SCA-compliant solution that is available across not only GPP, but also DSP and FPGA processing environments. This complete processor coverage has been made possible through the development of specialized CORBA middleware technology designed to support DSPs and FPGAs. PrismTech has pioneered the use of lightweight ORB technology for DSPs and advanced hardware ORB technology for FPGAs. The Spectra SCA Everywhere approach helps decouple SDR applications from the underlying hardware, making hardware upgrades much more straightforward as well as maximizing waveform application portability.

SCA Everywhere

Spectra CF and Spectra CDB support multiple SCA architecture options to satisfy and accelerate any platform and waveform development goals. Providing a number of different mechanisms to support communications between SDR application components running on a DSP or a FPGA. By supporting SCA Everywhere, the SCA’s Modem Hardware Abstraction Layer (MHAL) standard or even native communication mechanisms, Spectra CF and Spectra CDB provide the SDR developer with maximum flexibility when it comes to building their SDR applications.

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