Build Configurations

Spectra CX will generate build environments for the Software Communications Architecture (SCA) source code produced by the Code Generators. A Build Configuration determines the build environment that will be generated and this determines how the source code is built. With Spectra CX you have the option to create a build configuration, use one of the Build Configurations we have produced, or request a custom configuration.

Spectra CX Build Configurations are packaged, installed, and licensed as software feature packages. The Build Configuration options can specify:

  • ORB and version e.g. Spectra ORB v1.6
  • Target operating system e.g. Linux
  • Target processor e.g. x86
  • Tool chain e.g. gcc
  • Programming language e.g. C
  • SCA standard e.g. 2.2.2
  • Other common options for the operating environment e.g. native vs. non-native exceptions

For an up to date list of Build configurations please Contact Us.