Execute with Spectra CX
Monitor the component system on its actual target, with the platform running multiple applications for complete testing.

In an SCA radio, the actual deployment of software components to hardware devices is done at system initialization time. For this reason, developers require features that enable them to connect to the SCA Core Framework (CF) to thoroughly test their application running live. In addition to features for SCA development, the Spectra CX environment contains comprehensive features allowing developers to quickly and easily test and debug their components and applications.

Spectra CX's runtime monitor allows users to start the SCA CF, load an application to a platform and inspect it in real-time. With runtime monitoring, developers can see if the deployment they expected to have is actually the one dynamically created by the CF. Users can also take their deployment design models and explicitly enforce them during runtime. This feature ensures that all specific test cases are executed thoroughly.

Spectra CX's runtime monitoring feature can be connected to any SCA compliant operating environment (OE). For example, it will run on a PC development host equipped with a PC compatible middleware suite. This is especially beneficial because it allows developers to test their deployments very early on in the development cycle. The run-time monitor will communicate with an embedded target’s OE, for testing on the actual target.

The runtime monitor allows multiple applications to be started and stopped with the click of a button. Users can load their SCA platform with many applications, better representing what is likely to happen in the field. Previously set values, such as component properties, can be adjusted on-the-fly so that users can change the behavior of the waveform as it is running, and continue observing it.

Spectra CX captures logs generated by the CF (if available) and presents them to the user within Spectra CX's UI.

Also available from PrismTech is an SDR Development Suite comprising Spectra CX plus a complete SCA operating environment (Spectra CF and CDB) designed to run on a PC host. Users can observe their applications deployed on a commercial-grade SCA CF in record time.

  • Start and stop SCA Core Framework on host within Spectra CX environment
  • Load and unload multiple applications
  • Support for development hosts and embedded targets
  • Use design model to force particular deployment
  • Adjust component properties while application is running