Generate with Spectra CX4
Accelerate and de-risk SCA development by generating correct-by-construction SCA artifacts.

Spectra CX4 provides push-button generation of correct-by-construction descriptor files and documentation. By automatically generating the complete set of SCA compliant descriptor files, i.e. the entire SCA Domain Profile, development time can be reduced from months to days. Generating documentation improves communication between team members. Documentation generation through Spectra CX4 is completely customizable. Developers can produce documentation relating to a specific view, for example, a list of all components in the waveform or a description of an intended deployment.

Automated generation of code implementing SCA 4.1 component structure is provided through Spectra CX4’s C++ Code Generator. It automates the production of both SCA application code and SCA device code. Device code abstracts the physical hardware in accordance with the SCA 4.1 specification. Automating the generation of this code benefits both developers of SCA 4.1 compliant radio platforms and developers needing to modify an SCA 4.1 compliant radio platform, allowing them to make changes to their hardware while ensuring continuous adherence to the SCA 4.1 specification.

RTCORBA concepts can be modeled and C++ generation is supported in Spectra CX4.

UML generation of classes representing existing generated source code is supported in Spectra CX4. These UML classes can be used for documentation purposes or to add relationships to other C++ classes which are used during Spectra CX4 C++ generation.

  • Push-button generation of the complete set of SCA XML descriptors
  • Extensible code generators
  • Generates SCA structural code in C++
  • Build environment generation
  • UML class generation representing generated C++ source code

Spectra CX Generate