Model with Spectra CX4
Benefit from complete SCA 4.1 system modeling – components, applications, nodes platforms, deployments.

Spectra CX4 provides visual modeling for all project stakeholders. Powerful visual representation of SCA concepts ensures that every project team member has a global understanding of the system and can produce correct SCA 4.1 artifacts. Spectra CX4 supports modeling of components, applications (waveforms), devices, platforms, and deployment of waveforms on target platforms. With SCA systems being dependant on multiple devices having enough resources and capacity to run the intended applications, it is vital that all applications are modeled with their planned platform.

Modeling deployments throughout the development cycle with Spectra CX4 allows the project team to specify and track the deployment explicitly, and ensure that untested deployments are never accidentally deployed.

  • Model SCA 4.1 components, applications, devices, nodes, and platforms
  • UML 2-based — system architecture clearly understood
  • Modeling of classes with UML and C++ code generation
  • Intuitive definition of application-to-platform relationships
  • Define SCA 4.1 constructs in seconds
  • Guides the usage of SCA 4.1 constructs
  • Intuitive navigation — hyperlinks, context-sensitive menus, cross-linking
  • Integrated with configuration management tools — manage model elements like any software artifact
  • Define multiple views into the application