Validate with Spectra CX
De-risk projects by validating early on, and throughout the development cycle.

Spectra CX allows developers to produce SCA compliant software from day one. Validation is built right into Spectra CX providing automatic identification of errors in SCA-compliant radio platforms and waveform applications. In addition to checking the syntax of the Document Type Definition (DTD), Spectra CX validates the semantic correctness of the model. Errors are presented along with a hyperlink to the model construct that violates the SCA standard and a reference to the relevant section of the SCA standard. Spectra CX also provides suggestions for correcting the violation.

Many SCA projects involve the integration of legacy and 3rd party waveforms. Spectra CX facilitates integration by allowing developers to import complete or partial sets of SCA descriptor files (XML), validate them against the SCA standard for correctness, and assemble them into a complete and valid application or platform. Spectra CX provides a complete development environment for SCA compliant software, validating at every stage, up to and including deployment.

  • Automatically validate for SCA compliance - applications (waveforms), platforms, and deployments
  • Validate model for syntactical and semantic correctness
  • Import and validate 3rd party and legacy components, applications, devices, nodes
  • Complete validation of SCA deployments
  • Guidance on resolving SCA violations with links to the cause and suggested modifications
  • Enhanced validation with cross-reference to the standards

Spectra CX Validate