Probe Toolbox

Three Probes to Facilitate Efficient Waveform Development and Debugging

The Spectra DTP4700 Probe Toolbox is designed to reduce turn-around time for developing new waveforms on Spectra DTP4700 by providing a multi-processor debugging capability during integration.

The Probe Toolbox is a real-time debugging tool with the ability to prove and excite waveform elements, thus allowing the piecemeal integration of waveform components one-by-one, and the validation of component temporal, processor, and memory behaviors independently.  Probe data is visualized either with the toolbox’s internal visualizer, ProbeViz, or through MATLAB/Simulink, thus eliminating the need for additional 3rd-party tooling licenses for data visualization.

The toolbox’s Data Probe allows monitoring or injection of real-time system flow data.  The Resource Probe provides graphical or textual representation of memory and CPU utilization, CPU resources, and allow memory Peeks and Pokes.  The Latency Probe provides a graphical display of latency for user-defined probe points based on a uniform system time reference. By using the Probe Toolbox, a developer or systems engineer can thus study real-time data in any connected waveform with ease.


  • Using the Probe Toolbox through the waveform porting cycle
    • Increases engineer productivity
    • Reduces porting and integration effort
    • Decreases defect-error rates
    • Reduces time-to-deploy
    • Lowers overall project cost and schedule risk
  • With the Probe Toolbox, the waveform developer can study critical waveform and platform traffic on multiple processors and the interaction between the processors.


  • Data Probe
    • Inject or capture GPP/DSP stream data
    • Synchronize and trigger multiple probe points
    • Capture block data
    • Interface to MATLAB/Simulink
  • Resource Probe
    • Memory and CPU utilization graphs
    • CPU resource detail
    • Memory Peeks and Pokes
  • Latency Probe
    • Capture and display timestamp information with a synchronized time base across the GPP and DSP


  • Validate waveform and platform data by applying probes at varying points in the GPP and DSP
  • Gather data in heterogeneous multiprocessor environments

Spectra DTP4700 SDR Proobe Toolbox

Probe Toolbox Configuration

SDR Probe Toolkit configuration

Probe Visualizer Examples

SDR Probe Visualizer Tool Examples