SDR Professional Services

Our professional services organization brings world-class expertise and best-practice project management (Solution9001SM methodology) encapsulated in a broad range of offerings from our Software Defined Radio (SDR) experts: training, workshops, development, compliance testing, consulting. Our experts have been involved in the design and development of SDRs since the mid 1990s and include original architects of the Software Communications Architecture (SCA). The team has extensive experience in building SDR component frameworks, using technologies such as UML, MDA, XML, and object middleware, and developing in languages such as C++, C, Java and VHDL. For further information about our SDR Professional Services please Contact Us.

  • Training

    Software Defined Radio Training

    We offer a complete suite of training courses on Software Defined Radio (SDR), Software Communications Architecture (SCA) and CORBA technologies, and their implementation using PrismTech's Spectra SDR products.

  • Workshops

    Software Defined Radio SDR Workshops

    Workshops consist of short assignments, usually bundled with a training session, in which one of our SDR experts analyzes with the customer, their specific project requirements, leading to recommendations summarized in a high-level design report.

  • Support

    Spectra SDR Support Services

    We offer customers a complete range of Spectra Support and Maintenance Programs to best fit their precise requirements, service level commitments and response times. 

  • Consultancy

    Consultancy Software Defined Radio Software Communications Architecture

    We offer a full range of SDR and SCA consulting services covering both short and long-term engagements, from advisory services to full-scale development projects.