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Welcome to our Spectra On Demand Webcast Archive, here you can access Spectra On Demand Webcasts in both streamed and .pdf formats.

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  • Spectra CX Launch

    Join the Spectra CX General Availability Launch Webcast for a complete overview and demonstration of the product and learn how it can benefit your SCA development.

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  • Minimizing FPGA Component Latency in SCA Systems

    This webcast shows how the Integrated Circuit ORB (ICO) can reduce the latency and footprint associated with the use of hardware abstraction layers on FPGAs.

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  • Reducing Waveform Porting, Compliance, & Migration Costs with Spectra

    This webcast describes how Spectra can dramatically reduce the costs of developing SCA systems by addressing their root causes.

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  • Maximizing SCA Performance, Compliance and Productivity

    This webcast focuses on maximizing SCA productivity, compliance, and performance while minimizing radio size weight and power (SWaP).

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  • SCA Everywhere

    In this webcast, we demonstrates the availability of high performance SCA operating environments implemented natively on DSP and FPGA processors, and a development tool suite that supports current and future SCA architectures. 

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  • Accelerating SCA Validation for your Software Defined Radios

    In this webcast, we review the sometimes perilous SCA validation process and shows how our Spectra Power Tools complete SCA waveform and platform validation capability can help ensure rapid delivery of JTeL-ready SDRs.

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