Vortex Edge

Vortex Edge is a family of IIoT platform solutions and enabling technologies designed and optimized to support the demanding requirements of industrial applications by connecting machines, advanced analytics and people to create more effective operations and better business outcomes.

Vortex Edge is used to connect operational assets, whether existing brownfield equipment or the next generation of smart machines and then analyze the large volume, variety and velocity of sensor generated data in real-time at the edge of an IIoT system close to the sources of the data on an edge device (e.g. PLC or PAC), IoT gateway, fog node or on-premise server. The Vortex Edge family includes Vortex Edge Connect and Vortex Edge PMQ.

Vortex Edge Product Suite diagram

Key Features and Benefits

  • Designed to support high performance Industrial Internet of Things applications
  • Integral part of the next generation of edge-to-cloud IIoT solutions
  • Open platform based on a microservices architecture to enable flexibility, choice and system evolution
  • A solution that is independent from target device platform (edge devices, IoT gateways, fog nodes, on-premise servers), analytics engine(s), application runtime(s) and cloud technologies
  • Enables interoperability between operational assets, edge processing systems and cloud applications in and end-to-end IoT system
  • Supports the deployment of analytics at the edge of an IoT system
  • A key enabler for Vortex Edge PMQ, our fully integrated hardware, software and advanced predictive analytics solution