Vortex Data River™

Product Summary: 
Enables Vortex Edge by focusing on the data

The Vortex Data River™ is implemented in the Vortex Edge™ software suite, which builds a set of deployable microservices to communicate with end-points, devices or applications and which publish and/or subscribe to data topics on the Vortex Data River™.

From Operation Technology (OT) equipment, such as PLCs and motion controllers, to Edge Computing hardware, enterprise applications, sophisticated analytics environments, and to Cloud-hosted applications all from different vendors, the Vortex Data River™ brings simplicity of communication and set up.

Key features:

  • Consistent data model simplifies Internet of Things (IoT) systems architecture
  • Broad ecosystem to translate between things and applications
  • Dynamic auto-discovery of data producers and consumers
  • Secure, scalable and fault tolerant data connectivity
  • Based on mature and open industry standard software proven in mission-critical environments

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