Vortex Edge Overview

Product Summary: 
Fully integrated IIoT Platform that turns data into real-time insights and actions at the edge.

Vortex Edge Overview diagram

The Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) is growing at an incredible rate resulting in large numbers of newly connected assets, generating huge volumes of actionable data. The challenge facing organizations is how to do the right analysis at the right location at the right time on the right data to get the right insights that increase productivity, improve operational efficiency and enable new value generating business processes.

Vortex Edge enables real-time data processing and advanced analytics at the edge of an Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) system. It is a fundamental component of an integrated and complementary edge-to-cloud deployment model that can be used to address IIoT use cases where a cloud only model is insufficient, such as:

  • Low latency scenarios which are not possible via the cloud such as machine control
  • The need to avoid exposure of sensitive machine data outside of an organization or local network
  • The costs of sending the increasing volumes of machine generated data to the cloud for processing are prohibitive
  • Addressing intermittent cloud connectivity problems that prevent continuous real-time analytics and control for applications such as autonomous transportation 

Vortex Edge enables applications to adapt to local conditions in real-time by providing an integrated set of capabilities to support Operational Technology (OT) data acquisition, data storage, analytics, device management and secure interoperability with other edge applications and with higher level Information Technology (IT) systems in the cloud.

The Vortex Edge underlying core platform supports an open architecture that is independent from target device platform, analytics engine(s), application runtime(s) and cloud technologies. Vortex Edge is based on an extensible and scalable microservices architecture where IIoT applications are composed from a collection of loosely coupled services rather than a monolithic block of code. The architecture of Vortex Edge makes systems easier to maintain and evolve, helping organizations to achieve their business objectives and minimizing time to value.

Vortex Edge also includes dedicated platform solutions tailored to support specific IIoT use cases such as: Vortex Edge PMQ, a fully integrated hardware and software solution that provides advanced predictive analytics for asset maintenance and manufacturing quality applications.

Vortex Edge PMQ from leverages the best in class IIoT edge computing, connectivity and predictive analytics technologies. Find out more.

Individual microservices such as Vortex Edge Connect, which enables different OT and IT communication protocols to interoperate, can be purchased as a standalone component and incorporated into third party IoT platforms and applications.

Vortex Edge Connect provides a scalable and extensible framework for connecting different endpoint technologies together in Industrial IoT systems. It enables field devices using a broad range of OT communication protocols to efficiently share data with IIoT edge and cloud applications that may be using a different set of protocols. Find out more.