Farming and Agriculture

Vortex DDS meets the data-driven connectivity needs of smart farming and precision agriculture.

Farming and agriculture are increasingly realizing the significant benefits that the Internet of Things (IoT) can deliver and are at the forefront of implementing IoT technologies.

The ever-increasing global populations demand for food combined with growing environmental concerns means that farmers are seeking more efficient methods of food production. Doing so with IoT makes great agricultural business sense: it improves operational efficiency, drives productivity, lowers costs, reduces waste, improves animal welfare, creates new revenue sources, and, ultimately, makes sustainability synonymous with profit. A recent market report from Beecham Research highlighted that the use of IoT techniques for farming could boost food production by 70% by 2050.

Data is very much the fundamental building block of smart farming and precision agriculture, whether the data comes from a soil sample or a satellite correction signal. Many agricultural sectors have been quick to trial and invest in new IoT technologies that can make farming: data-driven, networked, and analytical.

Agricultural enterprises are now starting to reap the benefits of their investment in IoT in areas such as: smart orchard, robotic food handling, automatic milking systems (AMS) / robotic milking systems (RMS) / voluntary milking systems (VMS), crop sensing, smart irrigation systems, optimized fertilizer delivery, precision pest control, disease monitoring, smart greenhouses and buildings, food traceability and compliance, connected farm equipment, smart GPS mapping, integrated harvesting, autonomous vehicles and drones.

The Vortex product suite is an ideal solution for the networked, analytical, and data-driven needs of smart farming and precision agriculture.

Vortex DDS is based on the Object Management Group's (OMG) Data Distribution Service (DDS) open standard and is the leading (commercial and open source) implementation of the specification.  Vortex’s unique connectivity capabilities mean that it is very well suited to address many of the pressing IoT issues that smart farming and precision agriculture are currently facing such as:

  • Slow and intermittent network connectivity in rural areas,
  • Real-time data analysis in the field,
  • Processing data locally at the networks edge closer to the data sources negating the need to send large amounts of data to the cloud,
  • Security identification, authentication and authorization of devices and people in agricultural systems,
  • Decoupling of control and management functions in agricultural systems.

PrismTech has many agricultural customers benefiting from our Vortex software in networked, analytical, and data-driven farming.

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