The Vortex Intelligent Data Sharing Platform (Vortex) provides system-wide data sharing for machines, devices and people. It helps users leverage the growing proliferation of the next generation of intelligent devices to create new Internet of Things (IoT) solutions.

Vortex Intelligent Data Sharing Platform

Vortex helps users to harness the ever-increasing amounts of device generated data, process the data in real-time and act on events as quickly as they occur to drive smarter decisions, enable new services and revenue streams and reduce costs. Vortex simplifies the development, deployment and management of IoT applications, enabling users to bring their new products and solutions to the market more quickly.

The Vortex Intelligent Data Sharing Platform consists of the Vortex Device and Vortex Cloud product suites. The Vortex platform product suites are designed to provide a range of capabilities that best suit the specific needs of a system:

  • Vortex Device enables applications to securely share real-time data using different device platform and network configurations.  This includes the ability to support data sharing between devices (Device to Device) on the same Local Area Network (LAN), data sharing between devices and a Cloud-based data center (Device to Cloud) and between devices and a Web browser client. Vortex Device includes interoperable data sharing technologies that can support a broad range of Enterprise, Embedded and Mobile / Handheld platforms. Vortex Device also includes a suite of advanced tooling that helps users design, develop, test, debug, tune, then monitor and manage deployed Vortex systems and systems of systems.
  • Vortex Cloud extends the capabilities of Vortex Device with support for data sharing over a Wide Area Network (WAN).  This includes being able to share data seamlessly between applications running on different LANs via the Internet. Vortex Cloud can be used with Private, Public and Hybrid Cloud infrastructures.

Vortex Café

Real-time Data Sharing for Mobile and Java Centric Internet of Things Devices

Vortex Lite

Real-time Data Sharing for Embedded Internet of Things Devices

Vortex Insight

Providing Real-time Operational and Situational Awareness for Internet of Things Systems

Vortex OpenSplice

Leading (Commercial and Open Source) Implementation of the OMG DDS Standard.


Delivering real-time data sharing for the Internet of Things.

Vortex Device

Enabling real-time data sharing across device platforms.

Vortex Link

Internet-wide Real-Time Data Sharing via the Cloud and the network's edge

Vortex Demo

Interactive real-time data sharing Demo with Vortex Device and Cloud.

Vortex DDS Pricing

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