Vortex Device

Product Summary: 
Enabling real-time data sharing across device platforms.

Vortex Device enables ubiquitous real-time data sharing across a range of device platforms and network configurations. Vortex Device includes interoperable data sharing technologies that can support a broad range of Enterprise, Embedded and Mobile / Handheld platforms.

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Vortex Device also includes a suite of advanced tooling that helps users design, develop, test, debug, tune, then monitor and manage deployed Vortex systems and systems of systems.

Vortex Software DownloadsVortex Device provides users with a choice of real-time data sharing support for devices and machines to suit different platform technologies from embedded sensors, mobiles devices and handhelds to more powerful servers and also web browsers.

The Vortex Device product suite contains the following specific components to support different device data sharing configurations:

  • Vortex OpenSplice - a fully featured Data Distribution Service (DDS) implementation targeted for server-class (desktops, racks etc.) platforms as well as more specialized real-time embedded environments and operating systems (e.g. single board computer running VxWorks).
  • Vortex Lite - real-time data sharing for severely resource limited devices and sensors.
  • Vortex Café - is the only "Pure" Java DDS implementation specifically optimized for mobility and Cloud data sharing.
  • Vortex Web - providing a JavaScript Data Distribution Service (DDS) API to enable HTML5 / Web browser applications to send and receive data to and from the Vortex DDS data backbone.

Included with each of the device platform technologies are a number of tools to help configure, tune and test Vortex systems including:

  • Vortex Insight - location independent monitoring and management of Vortex systems and systems-of-systems.

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