Internet of Things

The Internet of Things (IoT) and the rise of a M2M ecosystem have long been anticipated. As this ecosystem converges with trends like cloud computing and big data, businesses need to be prepared to address the new wave of connected intelligent devices and harness the data that comes with them.

Messaging Protocol Technologies Internet of Things

Real-time decision making at the edge will increase. This is a substantial shift for M2M/IoT; as early M2M applications have typically sent all remote data to the data center for processing. However, as more data is generated at the edge in real-time, a greater need for real-time decision making also at the edge will be required.  This will then need more real-time data analysis at the edge. In line with this there will be a greater need for local data storage at the edge.  These changes may imply less communication with the data center. However this is not the case, network traffic is still expected to increase as there will be a huge increase in the amount of data generated by connected devices.

Much of this will be processed at the network edge for a wide range of services requiring fast decision-making. Further processing will then also be required at the data centre for wider sharing and this is expected to greatly increase network traffic beyond current levels.

The Vortex DDS Intelligent Data Sharing Platform provides an ideal connectivity solution for the Internet of Things delivering the right data to the right place at the right time all the time.