Early Machine to Machine (M2M) applications have typically sent all remote data to the data centre for processing.  However, as more data is generated at the edge in real-time, a greater need for real time decision making also at the edge will be required. This will then need more real time data analysis at the edge.

The M2M / Internet of Things (IoT) Application Platform provides the 'glue' that intermediates between application developers, M2M connected devices and a range of niche and specialised M2M platforms and wider enterprise IT systems.  In the world of the M2M / IoT Application Platform, the application developer is king. Successful M2M / IoT Application Platforms must focus on supporting a seamless and intuitive environment in which M2M / IoT application developers can focus on developing application functionality, without worrying about underlying and supporting mechanics.

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The Vortex DDS Intelligent Data Sharing Platform provides an ideal connectivity solution for the M2M / IOT delivering the right data to the right place at the right time all the time.