Vortex Cloud

Product Summary: 
Internet-wide Real-Time Data Sharing via the Cloud.

Vortex Cloud - Cloud messaging connectivity platform for IoT systems Vortex Cloud extends the capabilities of Vortex Device with additional support for data sharing over a Wide Area Network (WAN).  This includes being able to share data seamlessly between applications running on different LANs across the Internet. Vortex Cloud can be used with Private, Public and Hybrid Cloud infrastructures.

Vortex Cloud provides universally accessible Routing and Discovery Services that enable ubiquitous data sharing and WAN connectivity for Vortex systems and systems of systems. Vortex Cloud Services provide transparent discovery and routing between data readers and data writers regardless of location.

Key Benefits

  • Supports Internet wide data sharing for Internet of Things (IoT) applications
  • Key enabling technology for Cloud Service providers (SaaS, PaaS and DaaS)
  • Scales elastically as system grows (e.g. as number of connected devices increases)
  • Enables 'plug and play' integration and data sharing between different parts of an IoT system
  • Deployment independent of Cloud infrastructure - Java implementation that can support Private, Public and Hybrid Clouds
  • Vortex Fog also enables Boundary Security for subsystems connected over a WAN by providing certificate-based authentication between individual nodes and subsystems sharing data via Vortex Cloud, secure encrypted communications and access control rules defining the privileges each subsystem has to read or write data.

Key Features

  • Try PrismTech Vortex SoftwareSecure Internet wide data sharing for large scale IoT systems
  • Can be deployed in Public, Private or Hybrid Clouds
  • Used to seamlessly integrate different parts of a Vortex system across LAN and WAN environments
  • Straight forward integration of legacy Data Distribution Service (DDS) based systems without significant changes
  • Discovery service enables data readers and data writers to automatically find each other regardless of location, including across the internet
  • IP multicast for large scale data distribution and secure TCP/IP support to connect LANs
  • Efficient, secure and transparent firewall traversal
  • Fault tolerant solution that can dynamically scale as the system grows or shrinks in order to optimize use of available computing resources when deployed in Cloud environments
  • Provides support for flexible load balancing schemes:
    • Hardware load balancing - including BigIP
    • Software load balancing - either using DNS (e.g. Amazon Route 53) or applications can be provided with list of locators and use a pluggable load balancing strategy. By default Round Robin is supported
  • Supports both reactive and pro-active route establishment
  • Boundary Security with TLS based security, certification-based authentication and access control rules defining the privileges nodes and subsystems have to read and write data
  • Can support Internet wide data sharing for any  DDS compliant application (Including 3rd party applications)

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