As Data Distribution Service (DDS) adoption grows from systems to systems of systems there is a pressing need to easily integrate independently developed, DDS-based systems with each other as well as with other technologies.

Vortex OpenSplice DBMS Connect is a commercial pluggable service option that provides seamless integration of the real-time DDS and the non/near real-time enterprise DBMS domains.

Where (Relational) databases play an essential role to maintain and deliver typically non- or near-real-time enterprise information in mission systems, Vortex OpenSplice targets the real-time edge of the spectrum of distributing and providing the right data, at the right time, at the right place, every time by providing a Quality-Of-Service (QoS) aware real-time information backbone. The typical type of information traditionally differs in the various mission-system domains such as equipment-control, sensor-data fusion for awareness, planning and monitoring. The growing trend in these distributed decision systems is to handle more and more information from increased numbers of local / real-time as well as remote / non-real-time information sources. This means that these boundaries between information-stores and real-time data distribution needs to be lifted.

Integrate Vortex OpenSplice DBMS Connect
The DBMS-connect module of Vortex OpenSplice answers this challenge in the following ways:

  • Transparently 'connects' the real-time DDS ‘information backbone’ to one or more 'enterprise' databases
  • Allows both enterprise as well as embedded/real-time applications to access and share data in the most 'natural' way
  • Allows Vortex OpenSplice to fault-tolerantly replicate enterprise information persisted in multiple relational databases in real-time
  • Provides a pure ODBC / JDBC SQL interface towards real-time information via its transparent DBMS-connection
  • Overcomes the lack of communication-control (QoS features controlling real-time behavior) of 'talking' to a remote DBMS
  • Overcomes the lack of traditional 3GL and 4GL tools and features in processing information directly from a DDS backbone
  • Allows for data-logging and analysis of real-time data persisted in a DBMS
  • Aligns multiple and dispersed heterogeneous databases within a distributed system using the QoS-enabled data-distribution features of Vortex OpenSplice.

The DBMS-connect module is unique in its dynamic configurability to achieve maximum performance:

  • Dynamic DDS Partition / Topic selection and configurable content-filters to exchange exactly 'the right' information critical for performance and resource-challenged users
  • Dynamic creation and mapping of DBMS database-tables and DDS topics to allow seamless data-exchange, even with legacy data models
  • Selectable update-triggering per table / topic allowing for both real-time responsiveness as well as high-volume 'batch transfers'
  • Works with ANY 3rd party DBMS system with an ODBC interface (e.g. MySQL and Microsoft SQL Server). Please contact us for the most up to date list of supported DBMSs.

The DBMS-connect module thus effectively eliminates traditional 'barriers' of the standalone technologies by facilitating seamless data-exchange between any ODBC compliant (SQL)database and the Vortex OpenSplice real-time DDS "information-backbone". Applications in traditionally separated mission-system domains can now exploit and leverage each other’s information in a highly efficient (based upon ‘current interest’ as supported by the publish/subscribe paradigm of DDS), non-disruptive (obeying the QoS demands as expressed for data-items in DDS) and distributed service-oriented paradigm.