Record and Replay

OpenSplice Record and Replay

Vortex OpenSplice Record and Replay (RnR) is a Service that provides Record and / or Replay capabilities of Data Distribution Service (DDS) data. Vortex OpenSplice RnR has two distinctive components: (1) one or more pluggable Vortex OpenSplice RnR services that perform the actual record and / or replay of data, and (2) a dedicated Vortex OpenSplice RnR Manager Tool providing control over the RnR services. This allows recorded datasets import, analyzing, changing, and / or merging these and optionally exporting them to a target-system for replay purposes. For further information about the Vortex OpenSplice RnR Tool please see the Vortex OpenSplice Tools section.


  • Effortless recording and replay of any data in a DDS-system
  • High-performance and non-intrusive record and replay capability to aid validation, analysis, and testing of OpenSplice DDS based systems
  • Improved performance and lower footprint with Vortex OpenSplice v6.x

Key Features

  • Latest Vortex OpenSplice v6.x version introduces the option to select a binary-storage for the RnR service as an optional alternative to the previously supported xml-based story-format
  • Importing and exporting storages from the RnR service is now significantly faster with OpenSplice v6.x
  • Dynamic recording and/or replay of DDS data by single or multiple RnR services
  • Powerful triggering of start/stop events & filtering of data
  • Distributed control over recording & replay of DDS-data and its rates by topic-based API
    • control of what/when/how/where to record and/or replay
    • including wildcard selections, filtering and replay-speed control
    • including fine-grained statistics on services, scenario’s and data-stores
  • Allowing control by both (supervisory) applications as well as the related RnR Manager tool

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