Vortex OpenSplice Tuner

Vortex OpenSplice Tuner is a powerful deployment tool within PrismTech’s Vortex OpenSplice product suite. This tool offers total control over a deployed Vortex OpenSplice based Data Distribution Service (DDS) system from any local or remote platform that supports the Java language.

The 100% Java based Vortex OpenSplice Tuner Tool greatly aids the design, implementation, test and maintenance of Vortex OpenSplice based distributed systems (the Vortex OpenSplice Tuner is available both as a 'standalone' Java-program as well as an Eclipse plug-in for the Productivity tool suite).

OpenSplice Tuner

The Vortex OpenSplice Tuner Tool can be used during all phases of software development:

  • Design: During the design phase, once the information model is established (i.e. topics are defined and 'registered' in a runtime environment, which can be both a host-environment as well as a target-environment), the Vortex OpenSplice Tuner Tool allows creation of publishers / writers and subscribers / readers on the fly to experiment and validate how this data should be treated by the middleware regarding persistence, durability, latency, etc.
  • Implementation: During the implementation phase, where actual application-level processing and distribution of this information is developed, the Vortex OpenSplice Tuner allows injection of test input-data by creating publishers and writers 'on the fly' as well as validating the responses by creating subscribers and readers for any produced topics.
  • Test: During the test phase, the total system can be monitored by inspection of data (by making 'snapshots' of writer and reader history caches) and behavior of readers and writers (statistics, like how long data has resided in the reader's cache before it was read) as well as monitoring of the data distribution behavior (memory-usage, transport-latencies).
  • Maintenance: Maximum flexibility for planned and 'ad-hoc' maintenance is offered by allowing the 100% Java based Vortex OpenSplice Tuner Tool (which can be executed on any JAVA enabled platform without the need of Vortex OpenSplice to be installed) to remotely connect via the web-based SOAP protocol to any 'reachable' Vortex OpenSplice system around the world (as long a HTTP-connection can be established with the Vortex OpenSplice computing-nodes of that system). Using such a dynamic-connection, critical data may be logged and data-sets may be 'injected' into the system to be maintained (such as new settings which can be automatically 'persisted' using the Quality of Service (QoS) features as offered by the persistence-profile supported by Vortex OpenSplice).

The Vortex OpenSplice Tuner Tool is differentiated from other vendor's DDS based tooling by its dynamic capabilities to not only connect to any remote Vortex OpenSplice DDS based system at runtime, but also its capabilities to create, discover and (QoS) tune any DDS entities 'on-the-fly'. Vortex OpenSplice Tuner provides facilities to observe entities in a Vortex OpenSplice system and browse over their (mutual) relationships using different views