Vortex DDS Product Suites

Product Summary: 
Vortex DDS product suites supporting different customer requirements.

Vortex Product Bundles comparison graphic

Vortex DDS product suites are available in a number of different configurations described below.

  • Vortex OpenSplice can be purchased standalone for customers focused on developing (at least initially) Data Distribution Service (DDS) feature rich Local Area Network (LAN) based applications.
  • Vortex Starter Kit provides core DDS functionally for Java-centric and Web-based Internet of Things (IoT) environments at an affordable price.
  • Vortex Device enables applications to securely share real-time data using different device platform and network configuration.
  • Optionally, customers can add Vortex Cloud, Vortex Fog or Vortex Gateway to either of the Vortex Device editions. Vortex Cloud extends the capabilities of Vortex Device with support for data sharing over a Wide Area Network (WAN) or the Internet. Vortex Fog enables data sharing between multicast and unicast networks and end points. Vortex Gateway is a high performance, extensible and configurable protocol gateway framework with connectors to over 100+ different protocols (e.g. JMS, AMQP, MQTT, Web Sockets, HTPP etc.).

The differences between Vortex OpenSplice, Vortex Device Starter Kit and Vortex Device product suites are highlighted in the following table.




Starter Kit



Vortex Insight No Yes Yes
Vortex Café No Yes Yes
Vortex Web No Yes Yes
Vortex OpenSplice Yes * No Yes**
Vortex Lite No No Yes**
Vortex Cloud Option Option Option
Vortex Fog Option Option Option
Vortex Gateway Option Option Option

Try PrismTech Vortex Software* Upgrades from Vortex OpenSplice to Vortex Device bundle available.

** Customers will choose either Vortex OpenSplice or Vortex Lite for one platform as part of the bundle. Additional device products or support for other platforms will be charged extra.

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