Vortex Web

Product Summary: 
Real-time Data Sharing for Web Applications

Vortex Web diagramVortex includes a Web implementation that provides a JavaScript Data Distribution Service (DDS) API to enable HTML5 / Web browser applications to send and receive data to and from the Vortex DDS data backbone. The API exploits HTML5 features such as local-storage, web-sockets etc. to provide an efficient Web-App to Cloud communication infrastructure.

Key Benefits

  • JavaScript (API) for simple and safe programming and exceptional productivity
  • Seamless interoperability and integration with the other Vortex products
  • Supports leading web browsers - Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Opera, Safari
  • Enables real-time DDS-based Browser to Machine communication and Cloud-messaging

Key features

  • Only DDS implementation on the market designed for Web Browsers
  • Client Side - JavaScript / CoffeeScript framework that provides DDS-like abstractions
  • Server Side - a Router component that transparently bridges data between matching DDS entities, e.g. Browser-to-Browser, DDS-to-Browser and Browser-to-DDS

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